Growing your Wealth

We provide professional guidance along the path to financial independence by advising you around growing and preserving your wealth.

We look at wealth creation opportunities using investments inside the tax effective structure of superannuation and outside of superannuation, the key is to make sure that the advice is in your best interest and helps you head in the right direction to achieve your goals.


“A key part of growing your wealth is also maintaining and preserving it, our role as your Trusted Adviser is to help you minimise the possibility of making financial mistakes which can have a destructive effect on the wealth you have created to that point.”

With regards to super we are commonly asked (especially by the under 45 year old crowd) – how is superannuation helping me or going to benefit me?

We break superannuation down into two areas:

  • The first defines superannuation as a tax effective environment, i.e. in most cases you can make a tax saving or create a deduction by contributing to superannuation and investments held within superannuation are also concessionally taxed.
  • The second important area of superannuation is the underlying investment. Once the money is held within the superannuation environment, we along with our clients can define how the money is invested – which can be anything from Australian shares to everyday bank term deposit facilities.

Our superannuation services commonly include consolidating multiple accounts, contributing to superannuation to take advantage of the tax concessions, funding insurance through superannuation and using a superannuation pension to provide a retirement income stream.